Installing Zabbix 2.2.x on CentOS The Easy Way!

Original Posting and Script

This is an updated script to install Zabbix 2.2.x on CentOS/Red Hat 6. I have tested it on CentOS 6.5. The script was made for Zabbix 2.2.1, but if you modify the ZBX_VER variable in the script, it should work on any version in the 2.2 series. I have also made updates to the script based in feedback from the old versions.

Basically, the script tries to do a few things and assumes some things:

  • Only run this for NEW installations, you will lose data if you run on an existing installation
  • Run at your own risk
  • Installs Zabbix 2.2.x on CentOS 6
  • Do not corrupt an existing system
  • Be able to run the script over and over in the event that it errors
  • Be somewhat flexible
  • The database server, web server, and zabbix server all run on one box

Zabbix v2.2.x install script

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6 Responses to Installing Zabbix 2.2.x on CentOS The Easy Way!

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  2. JohnO says:

    Great looking script. Hope to try it tomorrow. For completeness, you might want to disable the ipv6 firewalls too:

    #disable ipv6 firewall
    chkconfig ip6tables off
    /etc/init.d/ip6tables stop


  3. JohnO says:

    Holy Cow! That’s slick. Installation took just a few minutes. Now to go learn about Zabbix and how it compares to Zenoss and Nagios for my situation.

  4. Anderson says:

    thanks for the awesome script. its save my life.
    is there a script to install zabbiz proxy?

  5. Tim says:

    I have been using this script for setting up zabbix in my setting here, and recommending it to others for a easy way to get zabbix up and running. But I am having troubles setting up the proxy setup portion of the zabbix servers. Is there something that has to be added? Or do you have a guide to get that setup?

    Thanks for publishing your script!

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