The Landmark Forum Experience… why not?

Recently I attended The Landmark Forum and had a very positive experience. Luckily, I took the advice of my friend to take the class and did ZERO research before signing up. If I had done some research, I think I would have NOT signed up. I believed his word that The Landmark Forum was a positive experience and a few days before attending I heard it was a cult, nothing much else. I thought oh well, I signed up on a good recommendation.

The day after the class, I didn’t think about it much except when I talked to a friend who also took it about the impact it had and what we both saw after taking it. Our conversation went very well because the combination of friendship and both of us have had taken The Forum.

Later that day, I had another discussion with good friend who I thought might take it. I talked to him briefly on the weekend and I thought he would come to the “Tuesday” meeting after, but since he has changed his mind. We had a discussion about it on IM and I attempted to convince him it was a good idea to attend the Forum, but in the end he sent me links and ideas of how it was bad (pyramid scheme, religion, etc.) and he wouldn’t be attending. It was interesting to see how the phrasing and concepts of the forum could be applied to the discussion. I’m not going to get into that, but I found it very powerful.

This discussion was good and bad. It was good because I think I understand how The Landmark Forum operates as a business and as a perceived cult and why people are so fearful. It was a bad conversation because my friend isn’t interested because of what he read online.

Now I must ask the question to myself of why The Forum is received online so negatively. 1) I’m not a worse person after attending, 2) I feel I received my money’s worth, 3) No one has told me I’m not me today 4) I did not experience amazing results, 5) I experienced others experience amazing results.

How is The Forum perceived to get new students? Brain washing!

How does The Forum actually get new students in a way that is miss-interpreted as being negative? I’ll make it very simple; it works like a drug… Person goes to Forum, person experiences amazing thing, person feels high from the amazing things, person is excited for self and friends to experience amazing things, person wants friend to attend, friend feels pressured because person is high from amazing things. Friend doesn’t go because the combination of the stupid things online and the person telling him he should attend which friend misinterprets because he read it’s a cult and now thinks person is brain-washed.

Although I compare it to a drug, I’m not addicted, but I bet some people get addicted to their amazing results. Is The Forum bad? Well, if the person received something bad, then yes, it would be bad. But I’m sorry to tell you, there is no voodoo, brain washing, etc. It’s just a positive experience.

My feeling is that over-all, I think the forum is a great opportunity. A caveat of caution is that if you’re very vulnerable, you will probably get a good experience from it, but you may also not understand what happened to you because (a) you’re too busy having major breakthroughs and (b) you’re so high and excited from these you’re brain will be buzzing and lead to a non-realization. I would imagine after a few days you’d get it, but who knows.

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  1. matthew says:

    I think this is a fair review in looking at pros and cons. I’ve read a lot of really nasty things online which shocked me. I have done the forum with some pretty awesome results. I think it was a very positive experience because I went into it with a very open mind. A lot of things can be taken the wrong way depending on your past experience. If you go into it and treat it with an open mind and are willing to question everything you ever believed to be true, you can come out finding more of a real “authentic” truth for your self.

    What I got out of Landmark: a clearer view of when I am and when I’m not being “authentic” with people in my life. I have a system in place for myself to maintain “integrity” with my word. When I say I’m going to do something now, I really do it, and because of that I’m doing more of what I want to do with my life, rather than what others want me to, or what I think others expect from me.

    I got a lot more out of it than that, and maybe I just had a great forum leader, and I was ready for this kind of experience. For people who are willing and ready to open their mind, question everything, re-organize their life method, and live outside the box, I think Landmark is the most effective method I’ve encountered (and I’ve tried a lot of other things). However, if you’re not this kind of person, if you’re stuck in your beliefs, and are stubborn about your ways, you may find Landmark offensive to you. But, it all depends on who you really are, and who you might find out you really are. A shock to the system is necessary to make huge changes in a person, so that’s what Landmark opens up, and has for me. I’m living quite effectively every day right now. That’s my experience with it.

    I do agree that the hard sell is kind of a turn off because I just hate getting “sold” things and I don’t like to try and convince others to do things, however, I honestly do believe many people I know could and would benefit greatly from the program, so I will tell people exactly my experience and let them decide from there.

  2. anne says:

    I really thank you both for writing. I just finished the Forum. I also cleared up my authenticity. I began accepting that things are the way they are sometimes. not bad and not good. some things you cannot change. so if you want a relationship with someone who has such a thing, you better get it, accept it and “create” that relationship you want and not a relation”chip”.

    it is a great business. good for them to get so many to sign up. Business is business.

    true that if you know someone vulnerable, you may want to go with them and talk to them all the time. people can view this a manipulative. Like a counselor or a psychiatrist, they manipulate your way of thinking. At no time did the forum tell me to recruit people but it did tell me that I could pass this on. I am a firm believer that one treats others as they want to be treated. so I gladly brought people I felt has strong minds there to introduce them to the concepts.

    I think therefore I am – revolutionary, no? sort of the same her. Look at you and get it of why you are behaving this way. Landmark gives you a way to deal with you and get over yourself. I read a lot on the internet about the abuse of landmark. Yes, I saw videos, particularly one of a guy in France, who were very disturbing. I went through the forum with a great facilitator. this guy in france needed to be hung, honestly. He was extremely abusive.

    I am doctor. there are good and bad doctors out there. I sure hope the few bad ones do not tarnish all the doctors. Ultimately, one has to be responsible and take what one wants out of our experiences.

    For me the forum has opened doors with my father, my brother, my anger towards the past. I am decided on what I want and the days are no longer a traffic jam of things to do but a series of amazing experiences. Some days I will fall back in the old ways. So I got the book so I could keep up.

    Life is better in peace, with forgiveness and love. So , yes I adopt the language of the forum because it is strong. I also speak French, English and Spanish. nothing culty about that! LOL

    I am creating the possibility of a life full of…. you know the rest.

    thanks for the posts

  3. Yvette says:

    WOW. FUCK LANDMARK! I say that with PASSION.
    I’m not “apathetic” like Landmark preaches non-Landmark followers to be about their life.
    I will tell you a story about this organization and listen carefully:

    You wonder, “How can people change like that? After only three days?”
    They do.

    And, you can NOT call me close-minded just because I’ve made a decision on something.
    I have almost always been a rather indecisive person, and I usually think that everybody’s got a point.
    I have a good track record. I have never had extraordinarily strong or firm beliefs about anything.
    Not like I have about the Landmark Forum.

    And this is because I have experienced first-hand negative interactions with the organization.
    The results of their little weekend seminars absolutely frighten me.

    The way it turns people…

    Wonderful people turn quite ugly and unpleasant.

    I’m NOT going to use the word cult because it has very strong connotations.
    So I’m going to say it’s a scam, or a racket (which I am using in the popular sense of the word, not the sullied version they use at Landmark Forum).

    They are a very clever self-help business that gets you thinking you need their services, through very convincing language. By the end, even very intelligent people can end up giving more and more time and money into this program.
    So how does this Pyramid Scheme operate?
    Their marketing is not the normal sales pitch. It is a clever social technique where they isolate you from any outside influence for several days, breaking down the most analytical rational people into robotic mindless followers. Ironically, they believe that they are becoming “freed.” They are then encouraged to bring more friends and family into the program on the last day to sign up for the seminars.

    My boyfriend went in saying I’m going to “find a client” for real estate. He was going “to make more business potential.” Was this fulfilled? Not at all.

    Instead, he came back not having found a single client, but saying he had learned better, more fulfilling things. None of which he could elaborate upon specifically. Except that he realized problems with himself that he hadn’t confronted before. He had learned “integrity” and continued vaguely repeating that Landmark Forum provided him very important information. Also that “I couldn’t understand it.”

    After conveying his own faults, he went on to speak of my “racket.” All of our dialogue had become needlessly very intense. After which, he began proselytizing. Landmark Forum is “a great place, full of good people. They taught me integrity.” Sounding as if he was talking out of a Landmark pamphlet.

    What had happened to him? He wasn’t talking like himself. How had they turned him so moronic?
    Did they cut open your brain and put a tape recorder in its place?

    One goal of the program is to help you improve your relationships but instead it ended up detrimentally affecting mine.
    Don’t let anybody you love go to Landmark Forum unless you are ready to get a weirdo returned to you.

    • brendon says:

      You might want to consider it a different way. Maybe his “proselytizing”, was him trying to get you to see your relationship and life from a different point of view. Maybe the “needlessly very intense” dialogue to him was a way to communicate better with you or to discover more about what he learned. Basically …Maybe you’re mis-interpreting what he’s trying to communicate.

  4. Mike says:

    Hello everyone. I have went through some of your comments and I must say I appreciate you all for being authentic. Now I would like to share with you my experience. It was awesome!! I have never realized i was doing the things I did and now my mind is so clear. i realized that the present moment is what is real and the past is not real and the future is not real. Only this present moment is real. I create my own reality in the present. Now let me take a minute to discuss with you the sales pitch that they offer. Yes, it’s annoying and yes they take time to inject people to bring their friends and loved ones to sign up for the course. My response to the Landmark forum is, I can only bring a person here but I cannot force their hand because that is not being authentic. I was pressured to sign up both my mom and sister. The thing is this, if someone wants to join they will if they don’t they won’t. If Landmark forces you, be authentic and say what is on your mind.

    In my opinion I highly recommend this course.

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